"North America's Leading Distributor of Virgin PET resin and Manufacturer of rPET Resins"

Welcome to PolyQuest

North America's largest distributor of PET resins, a leading manufacturer of recycled PET resins and a value added processor of PET scrap streams.

At PolyQuest, our vision is to provide the most comprehensive, cost competitive portfolio of virgin prime and wide spec PET resins as well as recycled PET resins for every major end application. To that end, we provide a resin portfolio that is unmatched in the industry. In our manufacturing operations, we utilize state of the art processing technology and equipment that delivers the highest quality post industrial or post consumer recycled PET products.

The fact that you are visiting our website suggests that you are seeking a source for your PET or polyester raw material needs or perhaps in need of a processing solution for materials that your facility generates.

As you look over our website, you will learn about our product offerings, processes and business philosophies. We trust that this information will demonstrate our ability to be a value added supplier to your company. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly by calling (910) 342-9554 or by filling out the Contact Us form.