Injection Molding

Key Provider of Thermoplastic Resins for Injection Molding

PolyQuest provides many of the most widely used resins for injection molding needs today. Our PP and PS portfolio enables customers to meet ever-changing demands and commitments quickly. Whether your products require clarity, stiffness, toughness, temperature resistance, or sustainability, our family of specialty resins is available.

We Meet Your Ever-changing Injection Molding Needs

As plastics continue to proliferate into everyday items such as automotive, lawn and garden, appliance, and durable goods and across a diverse range of markets, PolyQuest can accommodate a variety of product requirements. Injection-molded products specifically can be seen in a majority of plastic use today, which is why PolyQuest offers a family of resins that account for well over 50% of all injection-molded end uses. We continue to expand our portfolio and new products to meet even more demands of our customers and their processes. Stay tuned as we grow and add new resins!

End Markets

Recommended Plastics for Injection Molding

PET and rPET

PolyQuest provides one of the most comprehensive and cost-competitive portfolios of solid-state and amorphous resins in the industry. Learn more on our product pages.

PP, ICP, RCP, and rPP

We offer our customers a full range of polypropylene products, including homopolymers, copolymers, and random copolymer resins. From branded prime and generic prime to wide-spec and post-industrial and post-consumer recycled polypropylenes, our PP line card services all markets and applications requirements.


Polyethylene resins are integral parts of our thermoplastic product offerings, including HDPE, LLDPE, and LDPE.


Polystyrene is one of the most widely used plastics in the world, and PolyQuest’s desire to offer our customers the products they need – from one source – led us to offer a simple and effective line of GPPS and HIPS products. Whether sheet, thermoforming, molded, or bottle, we can help.

Specialty Polyesters

PolyQuest provides key product offerings to our customers, and we understand the crucial need for a high-level scale of production to keep businesses running.

Toll Processing

PolyQuest provides valuable processing capabilities for post-industrial thermoplastic streams. This allows companies to recover and reuse scrap products, providing better efficiencies and sustainability. Call us to learn more.

Looking for the Perfect Plastic Solution?

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