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Our Recycling Process

PQ Recycling is part of the PolyQuest family of companies, solely focused on the recycling process to support PolyQuest and PQRenew products. Based in Farmingdale, New York, our recycling plant is one of only two in New York state that purchases redemption-deposit plastic bottles. This plant uses trusted machines and technology to transform the recycled bottles into various forms that are then re-used to manufacture bottles, containers used for food packaging, fiber, and more.

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Consumers recycle their beverage bottles via curbside or deposit.


A materials recovery facility or recycling company transports the bottles to a recycling facility.


The plastic is sorted and consolidated into an rPET bale or ground flake by the recycling facility.


The rPET bales and flake are sent to our recycling facility in Long Island, New York.


The feedstocks are further sorted, ground and washed into the highest-quality post-consumer rPET flake in the market.

Flake Process

The feedstocks go through a process including a uniform grind, wash, label removal, cap removal, metal separation, dry, color separation, and final quality check to achieve a food-grade plastic flake.


The rPET flake is sold to a PET converter and turned into consumer goods.

PolyQuest’s recycling facility in Darlington, South Carolina, has the ability to convert the plastic flake into food-grade plastic pellets. 

Pellet Process

The flakes go through a process including a blend, metal removal, dry, IV enhancement (flake), extrude, melt filter, pelletize, crystallize, fines removal, IV enhancement (pellet), and final quality check to achieve a food-grade plastic pellet.

The Highest Quality

PQ Recycling will deliver products to our customers that meet or exceed all established requirements. This is accomplished through strict compliance with established standards and the continual improvement of our manufacturing, technical, administrative, and procurement processes. 

PQ Recycling has an extensive quality assurance process.

Our success is measured by the satisfaction expressed by our customers.

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