Proud Supplier of Plastic Bottle Materials

PolyQuest is invested in our commitment and our customers’ commitments to sustainability, with bottles being a key means to a recycled end. We are trusted with current and future post-consumer rPET and rPP resin supply requirements and will remain dedicated to those needs. How? Customer converters of PET, PP, and HDPE bottles, containers, and preforms have trusted PolyQuest to supply first-quality resins to their operations for over a decade. Whether the containers are used for carbonated soft drinks, isotonic drinks, water, food, or personal care applications, we have both virgin and recycled PET and PP resin solutions for you.

Bottle Needs for the Future

PolyQuest offers a variety of PET resins for bottle applications based on each customer’s need, whether it is clarity, strength, low AA, or excellent CO2 and O2 barrier properties. PolyQuest provides a comprehensive selection of PET resins based on your specific requirements for use. In addition, we now offer polypropylene and HDPE resins. Whether you are interested in hot fill or high clarity, we have the product you need.

End Markets

Converter Processes

Recommended Plastics for Bottles

PET and rPET

PolyQuest provides one of the most comprehensive and cost-competitive portfolios of solid-stated resins in the industry.

PP and rPP

We offer PP and rPP as part of our expansive portfolio of thermoplastic resins, including a full range of products to fit your application needs.


Polyethylene resins are integral parts of our thermoplastic product offerings, including HDPE, LLDPE, and LDPE.

Toll Processing

PolyQuest provides valuable processing capabilities for post-industrial thermoplastic streams. This allows companies to recover and reuse scrap products, providing better efficiencies and sustainability. Call us to learn more.

Looking for the Perfect Plastic Solution?

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